Propane Manufacturers

Propane Manufacturers

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Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aPropane Manufacturers, The propane we produce can be used for the following purposes:

1. Steam cracking prepares feed for basic petrochemical products.

2. Serve as fuel or pressurized gas in certain flamethrowers.

3. Raw materials for the production of propylene alcohol.

4. Main fuel for hot air balloons.

5. Used in the semiconductor industry to precipitate Emery

6. Propane mixed with silicon can be used as a propellant for an air gun, often referred to as green gas in sales, can be used in survival games.

7. In the shooting scenes of some theme parks and films, liquid propane is often used as a cheap and relatively high-energy substance to produce explosions or some other visual effects.

8. Propane is mainly found in oilfield gas, natural gas, refinery gas. Used in the production of ethylene, propylene, oxygenated compounds and primary nitro Alkane. May be in contact during the production or application process.

As a propane manufacturer, Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. produced propane gas performance is stable, the scope of application is relatively wide, welcome to buy.