Nitrogen Manufacturers

Nitrogen Manufacturers

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Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aNitrogen Manufacturers, The nitrogen we produce is mainly used for the following purposes:

Electronics industry: Nitrogen protection for semiconductor and electronic components production.

Heat treatment: Bright annealing, protection heating, powder metallurgy machine magnetic material sintering and so on.

Food industry: Equipped with sterilization filters, can be used for nitrogen filling packaging, grain storage, fruit and vegetable preservation, alcohol and preservation.

Coal industry: Underground explosion-proof box daily fire extinguishing.

Chemical industry: nitrogen cover, replacement, cleaning, pressure transmission, chemical reaction agitation, chemical fiber production protection and so on.

Oil and gas industry: petroleum refining, container machine pipeline nitrogen sweep box leak detection, nitrogen injection oil recovery.

Health industry: Medium and Western drug nitrogen storage, nitrogen-filled medicinal materials pneumatic transmission.

Cable industry: cross-linked cable production protection gas.

Others: metallurgy, rubber industry, aerospace industry, etc.

As a nitrogen manufacturer, Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. produces nitrogen gas performance is stable, the scope of application is relatively wide, welcome to buy.