Propane manufacturers tell you precautions for the use of gas cylinder valves
- 2019-01-18-

Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aPropane Manufacturers, Today we are here to tell you about the use of gas bottle valve precautions.

1. The material used in the bottle valve does not chemically discharge with the gas contained in the bottle, nor does it affect the quality of the gas. The bottle valve suitable for the material should be selected according to the nature of the gas. (For strong corrosive or toxic gases such as H2S, HCl, NO2, foreign stainless steel bottle valves need to be used to ensure the safety of use and storage).

2. The structure of the vent of the bottle valve can better prevent the wrong installation of the gas and use it incorrectly. The outlet thread of the combustible gas is the left-handed inverse tooth, and the outlet thread of the non-combustible gas is the right-handed tooth.

3. Oxygen or strong oxidizing gas bottle valve material, to choose oil-free flame retardant materials, contact with the tools and connected equipment is strictly prohibited with grease.

4. The threaded structure of the equipment connected with the bottle valve needs to be consistent with the structure of the vent of the bottle valve.

5. Bottle valves are strictly prohibited from using hard tools to beat.

6. In storage and transportation works, the medicine is fitted with a good bottle cap to prevent dumping or impact damage to the bottle valve.

7. Before opening the bottle valve, it is necessary to look at the fastening of each interface of the equipment connected to it, the good state of the equipment.

8. Pay attention to slowly open the bottle valve, open the bottle valve counterclockwise, close the bottle valve clockwise, usually first spin the bottle valve, and then return 2/3 open state.

9. Close the bottle valve halt, not too hard to tighten the bottle valve, gently close to the bottle valve can not be exhaled, otherwise it will damage the inside structure of the bottle valve.

10. After the use of strong corrosive gas cylinders, it is necessary to close the bottle valve to prevent external air pouring, corrosion bottle valve.

11. When opening the bottle valve, the vent of the bottle valve is not allowed to the person; At the same time the operator must stand on the side of the bottle valve and not stand on the front and back.

12. The bottle valve abnormal, should stop using gas; and return to the supplier for processing.

The above is the propane manufacturer for you to sum up on the use of cylinder valve precautions, we can pay attention to the use of the process in the future, other knowledge welcome to contact us.