Acetylene manufacturers introduce you to the use of acetylene bottles precautions
- 2019-01-18-

Acetylene as a relatively large use of gas, in many industries can be seen, most of the acetylene gas is the use of acetylene bottles for production and preservation,Acetylene manufacturerToday to introduce you to the use of acetylene bottles precautions.

1, acetylene bottle should be installed with a special tempering prevention device, pressure reducer, while using oxygen cylinders, should be placed separately, the interval to maintain 10 meters.

2, it is strictly forbidden to knock, collide and exert strong vibrations, so as not to sink the porous filler in the bottle to form a hole, affecting the storage of acetylene.

3, acetylene bottle should be placed upright, strictly prohibit the use of lying. Because the use of the sleeper will make the acetone in the bottle with acetylene outflow, and even through the pressure reducer and into the rafters tube, which is more dangerous.

4, acetylene cylinders in the opening of the need to use a special plate hand to open. When opening the acetylene bottle, the operator should stand in the rear direction of the valve mouth, the action should be gentle. The gas in the bottle is strictly forbidden to run out. There is a need to leave no less than 0.049Mpa of residual pressure.

5, the use of pressure must not exceed 0.147Mpa, gas transmission speed should not exceed 1.5~2 cubic meters (m3)/when. Bottles. Only one gun can be used, and two or more welding (cutting) torches cannot be used at the same time.

6, acetylene bottle body temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, summer to prevent exposure. Because the temperature in the bottle is too high will reduce the solubility of acetone to acetylene, and make the pressure of acetylene in the bottle increase.

7, acetylene bottles must not be near the heat source and electrical equipment. The distance from open fire is generally not less than 10m.

8, bottle valve freezing in winter, it is strictly forbidden to bake with fire. It can be thawed with hot water below 40 ℃.

9, to carefully check the acetylene pressure reducer and bottle valve between the stability of the connection. Acetylene may not be used in the event of air leakage. Otherwise, a mixture of acetylene and air will be formed, and once the open fire is touched, it will explode immediately.

10, not allowed in some poorly ventilated environment and radiation environment to use, not to put on the rubber and other insulation above.

11, the operator may not repair the barometer and other accessories without authorization, the pressure reducer outlet and rubber pipe connection must be fastened with a special head, can not leak air. If the cylinder is found to be defective, the safety supervisor should be informed to return it to the gas plant for treatment.

The above is acetylene manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the use of acetylene bottles precautions, more attention to welcome to follow our website.