Acetylene manufacturers tell you what are the uses of acetylene gas?
- 2019-01-18-

Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aAcetylene manufacturer, We produce acetylene mainly used in metal welding and cutting, synthesis, atomic absorption spectroscopy, standard gas, school positive synthetic rubber, lighting. Today we are here to tell you what the use of acetylene gas is.

Acetylene gas can be used in lighting and welding and cutting off the role of metal (oxygen-acetylene flame), but also the manufacture of synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers and other basic raw materials. Acetylene combustion can produce a relatively high temperature, acetylene flame temperature can reach 3,200 degrees Celsius right, used for cutting and welding metal. Supply the right amount of air, can burn to emit white light, in the light is not universal or there is no electricity can be used as a lighting source. Acetylene is lively in nature and can be combined with many reagents to react.

Before the the 1960s, acetylene was an important raw material for organic synthesis, and it is still one of the important raw materials. For example, with hydrogen chloride, hydrocyanic acid, acetic acid plus, can produce raw materials for the production of polymers.

Acetylene is decomposed into carbon and hydrogen at high temperature, and acetylene carbon black can be prepared. Under certain conditions, acetylene polymerization produces benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, anthracene, styrene, indinavir and other aromatic hydrocarbons. By replacing reactions and bonus reactions, a range of highly valuable products can be generated.

Acetylene manufacturers produce most of the acetylene used in industrial production, acetylene is mostly used in metal welding, so the use of acetylene is relatively large, but acetylene is a flammable gas, and the resulting temperature comparison is high, if used improperly prone to dangerous accidents, so in the use of acetylene gas should be in accordance with the specification to operate And pay attention to the surrounding environment while keeping it.

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