Carbon dioxide manufacturers popularize carbon dioxide production considerations for you
- 2019-01-18-

  Carbon dioxide ManufacturersIn the production of carbon dioxide should pay attention to the production of precautions, so as to avoid danger. Today's carbon dioxide manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. will be for you to popularize the production of carbon dioxide precautions.

1, operators need to establish the idea of production according to the regulations, pay attention to the production of norms. Carbon dioxide itself is non-toxic and tasteless. But in the air concentration of more than 3% can appear breathing difficulties, headache dizziness, vomiting and so on. More than 10% of the time there are visual impairment, spasms, breathing faster, elevated blood pressure, loss of consciousness. At more than 25%, nerve inhibition, lethargy, spasms, asphyxiation to death occurred. Exposure to liquid carbon dioxide can cause frostbite. Therefore, the operator should always strengthen vigilance, keep the scene well ventilated, found abnormal, to find the source of leakage, timely reporting. Liquid carbon dioxide leakage should have cold protective gear, can not directly contact the liquid to avoid frostbite.

2, the operator alone before the operation, need to carry out safety education training, after the assessment of qualified, holding a safe operation certificate. Strict compliance with safety procedures should be followed in operation.

3, operators should always strictly monitor the scene of the environment, timely stop unrelated personnel into the production area, carbon dioxide tankers only with the consent of the relevant personnel, in order to enter the filling site filling, tanker drivers are not allowed to enter the operating room and production area. The tank loading valve is locked normally and needs to be opened by the shift operator when loading.

4, when filling, operators and tanker drivers must be present, filling operation to be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures, driver's medicine to ensure that the filling pipe is firmly connected, close the pipe fixed buckle. The shift personnel confirmed that the connection after the installation of a strong, on the side of the pipe to open the valve lock cover, and then open the valve, to confirm that the pipe is closed well, open the tanker pump for loading. In the loading process, the shift operator needs on-site supervision, the driver must not leave the scene until the loading is complete.

The above is the carbon dioxide manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the carbon dioxide production considerations, more notes Welcome to follow our website.