Acetylene manufacturers introduce you to the transportation and use of acetylene precautions
- 2019-01-18-

Acetylene, as a gas with a large amount of use, can be seen in many industries, but as a flammable and explosive gas,Acetylene manufacturerRemind everyone to pay attention to the following aspects in transportation and use.

1 Procurement & amp; Transportation:

1.1 Responsible for the procurement of dissolved acetylene gas cylinders units, in the procurement of dissolved acetylene, to hold the municipal fire department issued by the "Chemical Dangerous Goods business license" units, cylinders outside the spray white paint and product name and manufacturer name, the product must be accompanied by filling date certificate.

1.2 When transporting to tighten the bottle cap, light and easy to unload, do not throw, slip, roll, touch.

1.3 When shipping acetylene bottles, the vehicle should be properly fixed, transverse discharge, head facing one side, and must not be higher than the height of the carriage.

1.4 Summer should be shaded facilities, can not be exposed to the sun.

Smoking is not allowed on 1.5 cars and should be equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers.

1.6 Strictly abide by the traffic and public security departments issued by the Dangerous Goods transport regulations and related provisions.

2 Storage of cylinders:

2.1 Use of the unit in the use of acetylene bottle site, storage must not exceed three bottles.

2.2 The distance between the storage station and the open fire or spark emitting site shall not be less than 15m.

2.3 Storage station should be good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, can not direct sunlight, to ensure the smooth transport road, nearby should be equipped with dry powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (strictly prohibited use of carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher).

2.4 Acetylene bottle storage should be maintained upright position, and there are anti-dumping measures.

2.5 It is strictly forbidden to store with flammable articles such as oxygen cylinders.

2.6 Storage stations should be specially managed, in striking places should be set up "no fireworks" and other warning signs.

3 Use of cylinders:

3.1 The user shall abide by the management system and safety operating procedures for the use of cylinders and gases, and carry out safety technical education for the use of operators.

3.2 No knocks or collisions are allowed in use. When the bottle valve freezes, it is forbidden to bake with fire, not near the heat source, and the distance from open fire must not be less than 10m.

3.3 When using acetylene bottles and oxygen cylinders at the same time, the distance between the two bottles should not be less than 5m, to pay attention to fixing, prevent dumping, strictly prohibit the use of lying. The gas in the bottle shall not be used cleanly and the remaining pressure gas must be left with more than 0.05MPa.

3.4 Use a dedicated pressure reducer, tempering the prevention device. When turned on, the operator should stand behind the side of the valve, the action should be slow, not too hasty.

3.5 is strictly forbidden to place in a poorly ventilated place, should be placed directly on the ground, not placed on rubber and other insulators, reduce electrostatic fire.

The above is acetylene manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the acetylene transport and use of precautions, more attention to welcome to follow our website.