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Carbon dioxide manufacturers tell you what is the use of carbon dioxide?
- 2019-01-18-

Carbon dioxide is one of the main components of the air, although the content of carbon dioxide is relatively small, about 0.03% but has an important role. So what's the use of carbon dioxide? TodayCarbon dioxide ManufacturersZibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. will come to introduce you.

First, is the greenhouse gas fertilizer because it can promote the photosynthesis of plants, in the greenhouse can be used marble and dilute hydrochloric acid reaction to make carbon dioxide, the production of carbon dioxide device to be placed in a higher position, because the density of carbon dioxide than air, which is conducive to contact with plant leaves, promote the photosynthesis of plants. Increase crop yields.

Second, carbon dioxide can be used to extinguish fires, made into liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Because carbon dioxide has no combustion and does not support combustion, and the density is larger than the air nature, the carbon dioxide sprayed on the combustible object can be isolated from oxygen to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing. Carbon dioxide spreads into the air after it is extinguished. Will not leave any traces, so file precision instruments such as fire suitable for the use of liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.

Third, industrial raw materials carbon dioxide can be injected into the beverage, increase the pressure, so that the drink with bubbles, increase the taste of drinking, such as soda, beer are examples of this category. Carbon dioxide can also be used as a protective gas for welding, and its protection is less effective than other rare gases. Carbon dioxide laser is an important source of industrial laser.

Carbon dioxide controls pH, and the swimming pool adds carbon dioxide to control the pH value, adding carbon dioxide to keep the pH value from rising. Carbon dioxide can be used in the alkali and sugar industries, carbon dioxide can be used for foaming agents in the plastics industry, and so on, if the number of purchases is higher, then the price of carbon dioxide will also be cheap.

Four, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide because it will be gasified at room temperature, absorbing a lot of heat, so can be used in the food frozen. Dry ice can also be used for artificial rain, stage smoke effects, food industry, gourmet effects and so on.

The above is the carbon dioxide manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the use of carbon dioxide, other knowledge of carbon dioxide also welcome to pay attention to us.