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Argon price affected by macroeconomic situation
- 2019-02-19-

In recent years, the macroeconomic situation has not changed, the industrial gas market continues to be shrouded in dark clouds, combing the first half of the market, it is not difficult to find in the liquid argon overcapacity and weak demand,Argon priceHas been greatly affected, under the internal industry situation is dismal, many production enterprises are struggling to maintain.

1. three years of argon prices continue to decline, the light season gradually blurred

Looking at the trend of three years to find that argon price prices decline year by year, Zhuo Chuang data shows 2015 years in the first half of the liquid argon China's market average price in 662.33 yuan/ton, compared to the first half of 2014 3.89%. 30.39% per cent lower than in the first half of 2013. And in terms of trends, three years is basically the same: January-February prices fell back. There was a big rise after March. Fall back 4-May. But the price fluctuation is gradually flat, the overall demand is weak, the downstream is more prudent procurement, the hype psychology basically disappears. Market start-up rates continue to fall downwards.

2. The related industry is weak and the start rate of air separation devices is down year

Steel lost in the first half of the industry dismal, new data show that China's steel industry PMI index fell to 37.4% in June, this index has been low since December 2008, and for 15 consecutive months under the 50% wing dead line. In addition to environmental protection and other aspects of pressure, air separation device start-up rate is also declining. According to Zhuo Chuang data monitoring, China's air separation starts in the first half of 2015, an average of 64.21%, down 4.71% from 2014. From the trend point of view, after the great decline during the Spring Festival, the start rate has been slowly rising, but affected by the relevant industries, has been sharply weaker than last year.

3. Export volume continues to increase, but growth slows

According to the data, argon exports were at 19.9807 million cubic metres in 2015 1-May, an increase of 9.79% over last year. But growth has slowed slightly. Relative to China's market is still a drop in the bucket, little effect. From the source point of view, it is still concentrated in Yunnan, Hebei, Shanghai and other regions. Exporting countries, Vietnam's exports fell at the beginning of the year, but the overall number is still in the country of export destination, the overall concentration in Taiwan and Cambodia.

Argon price situation is grim, the market is not optimistic.