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Oxygen manufacturers tell you how to dispose of liquid oxygen tank leaks
- 2019-01-18-

Although the less accidents happen, the better, of course, does not happen. But what if there's a leak in the liquid oxygen tank? It's up to us.Oxygen ManufacturersZibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for you to explain the treatment of the method.

Degree of leakage of liquid oxygen tank:

1. Oxygen if encountered open fire, there is a strong combustion-fuelled nature.

2. Tank valves, valve nozzles are stained with grease, combined with oxygen is prone to fire.

3. Liquid oxygen storage tank Once encountered flammable gas, easy to attack blasting.

4. In-tank overpressure, perhaps the tank itself defects, in the storage process can be issued crop perceptual blasting.

5. Liquid oxygen storage tank valves, flanges, pressure gauges, carburetors, high temperature liquid oxygen spatter to the body of the personnel to form frostbite.

6. No matter what kind of fire and blasting, can pose a hazard to the industry and operators and the surrounding environment

How to handle it:

1. Strengthen the suspension evaluation and deposit of critical hazard sources for essential equipment and equipment, and the equipment section organizes annual testing and inspection of equipment suspension specifications.

2. Oxygen supply station duty personnel must go through the skills supervision part of the training after the certificate of induction.

3. Attack earthquake, severe lightning and other natural conditions, the competent units to place tutoring, skilled staff on duty, dial on duty personnel to protect the normal consumption.

4. Hazard detection and handling

6. Duty personnel to implement hourly inspection system, the competent part of the unit to implement each mission inspection system and monthly summary review system, the General Hospital implementation of quarterly summary review system, timely detection and handling of hazards, to prevent trouble.

7. Safety Hazard in accordance with the hazard detection process disposal, consumer mount shortcomings in accordance with the consumer mount shortcomings of the process published and disposed of, in order to ensure that the installation mount safe, shaken, continue to work.

8. Dangerous, consumer mount shortcomings can not be disposed of in a timely manner, the competent parts of the unit must develop temporary emergency plans and monitoring methods to ensure their control.

The above is oxygen manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. summed up the liquid oxygen tank leakage Accident treatment details, I hope that we encounter accidents do not panic station, calm down to think about the response is the most serious.