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Argon manufacturers introduce you to the use of argon precautions
- 2019-01-18-

With the continuous development of China's industry and science and technology, argon as a gas, the application of more and more extensive, argon how much money a bottle is more concerned, argon attention matters are also the current business more concerned about the information, the followingArgon manufacturersLet me introduce you to the use of argon precautions.

Argon is a colorless odorless inert gas, slightly soluble in water, not gas, good stability, mainly used as arc welding and protection of gas. Argon itself is non-toxic, but if the concentration is too high, will cause hypoxia and lead to asphyxiation, liquid argon is harmful to the human body, in the event of high temperature argon explosion risk, and argon leakage caused by accidents caused by the news from time to time, therefore, argon in the use of the process needs attention.

1, argon should be stored in a ventilated, dry, cool storeroom, away from heat sources and fires, reduce the sun direct sunlight, and argon cylinders to have anti-inversion measures.

2, Argon bottled gas for high-pressure filling gas, when used should be through decompression and pressure relief before use.

3, Argon has a useful life, to be used within the useful life, fast maturing argon gas for safety inspection, qualified before continuing to use.

4, argon use to exhaust gas, should keep the bottle in the residual pressure of 0.5MPa, residual pressure can not be less than 0.25MPa, and should close the bottle valve, to ensure the quality of the gas and the use of safety.

5, argon in storage, transport, use should be classified and placed, can not put combustible gas and gas-supporting body together, but also should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.

6, argon when used to do not fire, do not grease, do not be exposed to the sun, do not re-throw, do not impact.

7, Argon storage and transport process should be light and easy to unload, to prevent collisions, to prevent excessive temperature, it is best to put argon cylinders with helmets and shockproof rubber bands.

8, if it is necessary to carry out argon operation, wearing air respirator, oxygen mask and other protective equipment.

9, if the risk of argon leakage, should be evacuated from the leaking contaminated areas, wearing respirators or antifreeze protective gear, if circumstances permit, the leaking gas bottle will be moved to the open safety place.

The above is the argon manufacturers summed up the use of argon precautions, we can pay attention to in the future use.