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What are the rising trends in nitrogen prices?
- 2019-01-18-

Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless inert gas at room temperature and pressure. Nitrogen accounts for about 78.1% of the air. Liquid nitrogen is also colorless and odorless, lighter than water. Do not burn in the air. It is inert at room temperature, but combined with oxygen at high temperatures. Nitrogen itself is harmless, non-irritating, and the inhaled nitrogen is still excreted through the respiratory tract in its original form. However, increased nitrogen content in the air can cause the dilution of oxygen, affecting the normal breathing of people. In the attentionNitrogen price, But also pay attention to security issues.

Nitrogen prices mainly with different regions of the price trend is not the same, the main nitrogen production area of the market is stable, sporadic enterprises slightly probed.

One of the Shandong market in North China, some enterprises out of Jiangsu region, enterprise shipments improved, the price of a tentative increase; although some of the devices in East China parking maintenance, but by some major meetings, the impact of some of the supply of external Zhejiang market blocked, push up the momentum of a slight increase. Other regions: Two Lakes Area trading is fair, the mainstream price of 1940-1970 yuan/ton, Sichuan and Chongqing market trading general, quotation 1650-1750 yuan/ton, Guizhou region trading steady, quotation 1650-1850 yuan/ton, Shaanxi, Shanxi market low consolidation, quotation 1500-1750 yuan/ton; Northeast Market Shipping is ok, quote 2200-2500 yuan/ton; Fujian market trading stability, quote 2200-2300 yuan/ton.

Nitrogen price after the early part of the price of small rise, the industry's price mentality slightly inadequate, more expected nitrogen prices continue to rise slightly weak. At the same time, urea and methanol market consolidation, co-production enterprises still have the intention of ammonia focus, plus part of the pre-stop maintenance enterprises in succession, it is expected that the short-term liquid ammonia market stable operation situation or will continue, do not rule out the local according to the shipment situation flexible narrow adjustment price possibility.