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Argon price difference between North and south, the reason of the increase of argon price in north
- 2019-03-20-

RecentlyArgon priceThe increase, so that many industry friends are nervous, everywhere is looking for argon news, the fourth quarter, argon price trend is to continue to heat up or slightly fall back? Have become a lot of industry friends focus on, in the deep market, and out of the market, at present, many friends are still very optimistic about the rise of liquid argon, then, this year's third wave of "sound" to start again!

What are the reasons behind this surge in argon prices? After the feedback of the market and the discussion of the industry scholars, the small part summarizes the following points:

First, the "regional" of logistics

There are some particularities in the industrial gas industry, the logistics transportation problem is one of the points, because there is a regional logistics transport, most of the tankers have a relatively fixed transport distance, the northern region of a large number of industrial gases in the transport limitations, can not be sufficient transport to the south, at this time, two lakes, Jiangxi and other places argon gas into a " Rare gases ", pulling the entire Anhui and Jiangsu markets, causing argon prices to show an upward trend.

Second, the emergence of "small season"

In the second half, the industrial gas industry gradually out of the "low season", the demand for gas everywhere increased, at the same time, environmental protection on the local inspection weakened, for the just to recover the argon market, but also showed a shortage of demand, but also led to soaring argon prices.

Third, the North rally led to an increase in argon prices in the south

The increase of iron and steel production restrictions and winter maintenance in the northern region has led to the increase of argon prices in the northern region, as well as the increase of prices in the southern gas market.

Today, argon prices steadily adjusted slightly, north China prices rose, Liangguang, two lakes and other places prices downward, trading atmosphere is different.

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region high-purity argon resources tight, manufacturers shipped faster, driving prices even rose. Beijing mainstream price rose to 1800-2000 yuan/ton, Tianjin mainstream factory rose to 1700-1800 yuan/ton, Hebei mainstream factory rose to 1600-1700 yuan/ton. Shanxi mainstream factory price in 1200-1600 yuan/ton, individual manufacturers plan to push up.

Zhejiang and Shanghai Region price narrow adjustment, trading atmosphere is OK. Jiangsu Mainstream factory small rise to 2500-2700 yuan/ton, manufacturers ship is OK. Zhejiang mainstream factory in 2500-2700 yuan/ton. Shanghai mainstream factory price of 2600-2700 yuan/ton. Jiangxi Market mainstream factory fell to 2700-2800 yuan/ton.

Hubei mainstream factory fell to 2500-2600 yuan/ton, shipment pressure. Hunan mainstream factory fell to 2650-2700 yuan/ton, the main manufacturers do not have a smooth deal. Guangdong region, the mainstream price fell to 3000-3200 yuan/ton, the region's resources are more abundant, argon prices in succession downward. Guangxi mainstream factory fell to 2800-2900 yuan/ton.

At present, the north and South trend shows a certain difference, the northern price is stable and small rise, but most of the industry worried about the market, temporarily stable watching. And the southern resources are more abundant, the market trend is weak, argon price pressure downward. The market as a whole waits for no reduction in mood, price or maintenance consolidation.