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What problems do I need to pay attention to when using oxygen from the manufacturer's oxygen?
- 2019-01-18-

Although oxygen is not a toxic gas, so many people do not pay much attention when using, the idea is actually wrong, we need to comply with its rules of use no matter what gas we use, so todayOxygen ManufacturersZibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the use of oxygen precautions.

1. Severe follow the operating procedures, pay attention to the safety of oxygen, do a good job of "four defense", that is, shockproof, fire, heat, oil.

① in the removal of oxygen cylinders, do not dump, do not hit, in case of blasting, because the oxygen in the oxygen cylinder is filled with 14.71MPa, the pressure is very high;

② oxygen cylinders should be placed in a cool place, in the barrel around the prohibition of fireworks and the placement of flammable products, up to 5m from the stove, heating 1m;

③ Oxygen meter and spiral mouth do not apply oil, also can not be used with oil hand loading and unloading, so as not to provoke calm.

2. When using oxygen, should first dispatch oxygen flow, re-intubation application, when stopping oxygen, should first pull the tube, and then turn off the oxygen switch, when the oxygen flow is changed halfway, the oxygen pipe should be separated from the oxygen-absorbing tube, dispatching the oxygen flow before connecting. In order to avoid the wrong switch, so that a small number of gas sharp into the respiratory tract and damage lung arrangements.

3. In the process of oxygen, we should be close to investigate the improvement of hypoxia symptoms in patients, punctual measurement of pulse, blood pressure, investigation of their body shape, skin color and temperature, breathing methods, etc., can also be determined to determine the effect of arterial blood gas analysis, in order to choose the appropriate oxygen concentration.

4. Oxygen in the oxygen cylinder can not be exhausted, pressure gauge pointer down to 0.5MPa, that is, can not be reused, to prevent dust into the entry, re-inflating when the attack exploded.

Oxygen may seem harmless, but in certain conditions and circumstances there will be explosions and ignition, so no matter what appears to be harmless gas is also used with care to avoid danger.

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