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What are the uses of oxygen produced by oxygen manufacturers?
- 2019-01-18-

Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aOxygen Manufacturers, After more than more than 20 years of development, the company has gradually developed into an industrial gas-led chemical enterprises, we provide standard oxygen using foreign high precision electronic balance and the use of the world's recommended methods for the formulation of the method. Our company produces oxygen gas have been strictly analyzed and tested, in line with the standard gas process specifications and specifications, accurate and stable data, is approved by the General Administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine of China standard gas.

The oxygen we produce has the following uses:

1. Metallurgical industry

In the steelmaking process blowing with high purity oxygen, oxygen and carbon and phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and other oxidation reaction, which not only reduces the carbon content of steel, but also to remove phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and other impurities to help. And the heat generated during oxidation can maintain the temperature required for the steelmaking process, so blowing oxygen not only shortens the smelting time, but also improves the quality of the steel. When the blast furnace is ironmaking, increasing the oxygen concentration in the blast can reduce the coke ratio and increase the yield. In non-ferrous metal smelting, the use of oxygen-rich can also shorten the smelting time to increase production.

2. Chemical Industry

In the production of synthetic ammonia, oxygen is mainly used for the oxidation of raw gas, for example, high temperature cracking of heavy oil, as well as gasification of pulverized coal, in order to strengthen the process and increase fertilizer production.

3. Defence industry

Liquid oxygen is the combustion aid of modern rockets.

4. Health aspects

Supply of breathing: for hypoxia, hypoxic or anaerobic environments, such as diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flights, cosmic navigation, rescue, etc.

As an oxygen manufacturer with many years of experience, over the past more than 20 years, Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. produced oxygen products sold throughout China, covering petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, environmental protection industry, science and basic research and many other fields, product quality has been well received by customers.