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Argon manufacturers explain to you what are the characteristics of pipelines that affect argon quality?
- 2019-01-18-

  Argon manufacturersWhen using piping to transport argon, pay more attention to the material of the pipeline, because the material characteristics of the pipeline will affect the quality of argon, the main characteristics of the pipeline material affecting the quality of argon gas is gas permeability, exhaust rate, adsorption, surface roughness, corrosion resistance.

1, gas permeability:

The flow of gas from one side of the high pressure (or sub-pressure) through the material to the lower side of the pressure (or sub-pressure) becomes gas permeability. For the delivery of PPM grade purity requirements of argon gas, from the gas penetration point of view must be selected stainless steel pipe or steel pipe, if we improperly selected non-compliant piping materials, then no matter what purification means we take, it will be useless.

2. Exhaust rate:

Material smelting process formed by the pipeline material crystal or lattice there are certain impurities, such as nitrogen, hydrocarbons, etc., in the process of high purity gas transport, these impurities will be slowly released, pollution of high-purity gases, especially impurities required in ppb with superior high purity gas. Usually low carbon stainless steel tubes have a lower exhaust rate.

3, Adsorption:

Because water and other impurities are polar molecules, adsorption is very strong. Rubber, plastic or some surface rough materials easy to absorb moisture and other impurities, copper adsorption capacity of water is strong, the use of these materials to transport high-purity gas easy to be polluted, in addition to conveying ppm grade below the oxygen will use copper tube, high-purity gas does not use brass pipe and plastic pipe, gas will come into contact with gaskets, fillers should not use (Including PTFE).

4, Surface roughness:

In order to ensure the purity of the conveying gas, the inner surface of the piping material is required to have a high finish, which can reduce the pollution particles and moisture in the pipe wall stranded, can be more easy to blow when blowing. Pipe is relatively clean and wear-resistant, can be washed at high speed of the airflow, the production of fewer metal particles, stainless steel than copper pipe production of fewer particles, so stainless steel pipe wear resistance is better than steel pipe.

5, Corrosion Resistance:

Microelectronics production, often use some highly corrosive gas, such as high-purity gas, then the use of corrosion-resistant pipe, otherwise the pipeline will be corroded, light on the surface of the production of rust, heavy pipe large area peeling, perforation, not only pollute the gas, there will be accidents.

The above is argon manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. summed up the impact of argon quality pipeline characteristics, other knowledge is also welcome to contact us.