Argon manufacturers

Argon manufacturers

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Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is aArgon manufacturers, The argon we produce can be applied to the following industries.

Aluminium: Used as an alternative to air or nitrogen to create an inert atmosphere in the manufacture of aluminium; to help remove unwanted soluble gases during degasification; and to remove dissolved hydrogen and other particles from molten aluminum.

Steelmaking: Used to replace gas or vapour and reduce oxidation in process flow; Argon is used to stir molten steel to maintain a constant temperature and the same composition; to help reduce unwanted soluble gases during degasification; and as a carrier gas, argon can use chromatography to determine the composition of the sample ; Argon can also be used in stainless steel refining using the Argon-decarbonization process (AOD), with the aim of removing carbon monoxide and reducing the loss of chromium.

Metalworking: Argon is used as inert protective gas in welding; oxygen-free nitrogen protection is provided in annealing and rolling of metals and alloys; and for flushing molten metals to reduce stomata in castings.

Electronics: Provides a protective atmosphere and heat conduction for germanium and silicon crystals used in semiconductors

Lighting: Inflatable for white aurantium lamps and fluorescent bulbs.

As an argon manufacturer, Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. production of argon performance is stable, the scope of application is relatively wide, welcome to buy.