Acetylene price

Acetylene price

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Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. is an acetylene gas manufacturer, we produce acetylene performance comparison of stable, can be applied to a wide range of areas, ourAcetylene priceCompare reasonable, let you spend less cost to buy higher quality acetylene.

We produce acetylene products can be used for lighting, welding and cutting off metal (oxyacetylene flame), but also the manufacture of acetaldehyde, acetic acid, benzene, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers and other basic raw materials.

As a multi-year experience of acetylene gas manufacturers, more than 20 years, Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. production of nitrogen products sold throughout China, covering petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, environmental protection industry, science and basic research and many other fields, product quality has been well received by customers, our nitrogen price is affordable, Welcome to choose Us.