Oxygen manufacturers remind them of the problems they need to pay attention to when using higher purity oxygen?
- 2019-01-18-

  Oxygen ManufacturersRemind in the use of high purity oxygen should pay attention to do a good job of shock, fire, heat, oil and other work. High purity oxygen can be used to fuel, should be placed in a cool place, strictly forbidden to close to fireworks and flammable objects; Do not apply oil to the spiral mouth of the oxygen meter; high purity oxygen cylinders have high pressure and do not dump or impact when handling to prevent explosions.

1) Carefully watch the logo of the spherical part of the shoulder of the cylinder before use. The need is to pay attention to "next Test Time". And in the use of the process according to the requirements of the gas bottle on a regular basis for process inspection. Do not use cylinders that are higher than the duration of the inspection.

2) When using, first to do external inspection, check the focus is bottle valve, pipe thread, pressure reducer and so on. If you find that there is leakage, sliding buckle, needle action is not spiritual or "climbing", etc., should be timely maintenance, do not casually deal with. It is forbidden to tighten the stem with pressure and adjust the cushion. Do not use open fire when checking for leaking water. When the cylinder and welding are used in the same case, the bottom of the bottle should be cushioned with insulators to prevent the cylinders from being charged. Pipes and equipment in contact with cylinders should have grounding devices to reduce combustion or explosion due to the generation of static electricity. When using the battery in winter, the bottle valve or pressure reducer may appear frosting phenomenon, or thaw with hot water or steam, it is strictly forbidden to bake with fire or use iron to knock on the bottle valve, also can not wring the pressure reducer adjustment screws, to prevent a large number of gas rush out caused accidents.

3) in the use and storage of high-purity oxygen cylinders in the process, should reduce the violent vibration and impact. To carry cylinders to light and unload, it is necessary to use a special lifting frame or trolley, the direct use of wire rope and other lifting oxygen cylinders. When used and stored, use railings or brackets to secure the cylinders and do not dump them.

4) oxygen cylinders should be kept away from high temperatures, open fires and molten metal splashes (more than 10 meters (m) apart). Do not be exposed to the hot sun during summer use.

5) When opening the bottle valve or pressure reducer, the action should be slow, in order to prevent the ejection of high-speed airflow in the electrostatic discharge, solid particles collision heat and heat, gas by the sudden compression of the release of heat (heat compression) and so on caused by oxygen cylinders and pressure reducer explosion.

The above is the oxygen manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to organize the use of notes, I hope that in the future use of higher purity oxygen when you can pay attention.