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A brief introduction to the history of acetylene discovery and the conversion method of acetylene price
- 2019-02-12-

Acetylene, molecular type C2H2, commonly known as wind coal and carbide, is a small part of the acetylene compound series, mainly for industrial use, such as welding metal. Acetylene is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature. Pure acetylene is odorless, but industrial acetylene because it contains hydrogen sulfide, phosphine and other impurities, and there is a smell of garlic.Acetylene priceAccording to the kilogram is more cost-effective, according to the pressure of the general conversion is more difficult. The pressure of acetylene is converted with temperature and how much.

In the 1836, the cousin of British chemist David Humphrey (Davy,humphry1778-1829), David Edmund, professor of chemistry at the Royal College of the Irish port city of Cork (Cork), Edmund1785-1857) in the process of heating charcoal and potassium carbonate to produce metal potassium, the residue (potassium carbide) is thrown into the water to produce a gas, an explosion, the analysis found that the chemical composition of this gas is C, H (at that time the use of carbon atomic weight equal to 6 calculation), called it "a new hydrogen two carbide." This is because, as early as 1825, his fellow chemist Faraday (Faraday,michael1791-1867) obtained a carbon and hydrogen compound from pressurized distilled whale oil (for European lighting at the time), and the chemical composition of the analysis and determination was C, H, named it " Two carbides of hydrogen ". In fact, Faraday found benzene, David Edmund found is acetylene.

Pure acetylene is a colorless aromatic smell of flammable gas. The acetylene made of calcium carbide is toxic because it is mixed with hydrogen sulfide H2S, phosphine PH3 and hydrogen arsenide, and has a special odor. Melting Point (118.656kPa)-80.8 ℃, boiling point-84 ℃, relative density 0.6208 ( -82/4℃), refractive index 1.00051, refractive index 1.0005 (0 ℃), Flash Point (Open Cup)-17.78 ℃, spontaneous combustion point 305 ℃. There is a risk of violent explosions in liquid and solid solids or under gaseous and certain pressures, and factors such as heat, vibration and EDM can cause explosions and therefore cannot be stored or transported after pressurized liquefaction. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, benzene, acetone. At 15 ℃ and 1.5MPa, the solubility of acetylene in acetone is 237g/L and the solution is stable.

Acetylene bottle water volume of 40L, acetylene by weight meter China's standard is 5~7Kg. The acetylene pressure is 1.5Mp. Each bottle of acetylene about the net weight of about 5-7KG acetylene, fold the standard state of gas acetylene 6 cubic meters. The price of acetylene per bottle for industrial use is about 80-110 yuan. There are subtle differences in acetylene prices in different regions.