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Nitrogen manufacturers tell you about nitrogen applications.
- 2019-01-29-

What is nitrogen? A lot of friends don't know much about it and often ask questions like that. Today, the Little editor invitedNitrogen ManufacturersZibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. staff for us to explain the knowledge of nitrogen.

High purity nitrogen is installed in 40lgb cylinders with a pressure of 13.5Mpa. Can also be divided or loaded into other specifications of the cylinder. High purity nitrogen is mainly used in the manufacture of fertilizers, ammonia, nitric acid and other compounds, inert protection medium, frozen food refrigerant and coolant, low temperature crushing, epitaxial, diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, plasma dry faguang engraving, lithography, etc., can also be used as standard gas, calibration gas, 0 point gas, balance gas and so on.

Chemical synthesis

Nitrogen is mainly used in ammonia synthesis. The reaction is reversible, the reaction is N2+3H2? 2NH3 (under high pressure, high temperature and catalyst). The reaction is reversible. It is also an important raw material for synthetic fibers (nylon, acrylic acid), synthetic resins, synthetic rubber and so on. Nitrogen is a nutrient, which is commonly used by nitrogen manufacturers to make fertilizers. For example: Ammonium bicarbonate NH4HCO3, ammonium chloride NH4Cl, ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 and so on.

Nitrogen filling in automobile tires

Nitrogen is an inert diatomic gas, the chemical properties are very inactive, the gas molecule is larger than the oxygen molecule, not easy to heat and cold shrinkage, the deformation range is small, its tire wall penetration speed is slower than the air, can maintain a stable tire pressure, improve the stability of the tire driving, to ensure the comfort of the car, nitrogen transmission rate is very low, Equivalent to 1/5 of ordinary air. Air can effectively reduce tire noise and improve serenity.

High purity nitrogen is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas, under normal conditions, usually non-toxic. Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% of the total atmosphere (volume fraction) and is the main component of the atmosphere. It is a room temperature gas. When it cools to 195.8 degrees Celsius at standard atmospheric pressure, it becomes a colorless liquid. When cooled to 209.86 degrees Celsius, liquid nitrogen becomes a snowy solid. Nitrogen is chemically stable and, at high temperatures, can change with certain substances to produce new substances that are useful to humans, but it is difficult to react with other substances at room temperature.

The above is nitrogen manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for our introduction of nitrogen knowledge, I hope to help you.