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Oxygen manufacturers answer the taboo in the process of oxygen use
- 2019-03-12-

     Oxygen ManufacturersAnswer taboo questions during oxygen use:

Q: Why can oxygen cylinders and bottle mouth not be contaminated or exposed to grease substances?

Oxygen Manufacturer: Because of grease, is contains unsaturated fat and acid fat, it is easy to gasification and exothermic. Oil yarn head, tarpaulin so can ignite self-ignition is due to oxidation in the air, heating does not disperse, when the spontaneous combustion point is reached to cause spontaneous combustion. And grease in the air gasification speed is slow, the resulting heat quickly emitted, generally not easy to heat spontaneous combustion because pure oxygen has a strong oxidation, it can promote the violent combustion of combustible objects. Grease substances encountered pure oxygen, its gasification speed for greatly accelerated. Emit a lot of calories at the same time. The temperature rises very quickly and will soon cause burning. If the cylinder mouth is stained with grease, when the oxygen is rapidly ejected, so that the oil rapid oxidation reaction, and the high-pressure airflow and the heat generated by the friction of the bottle mouth to choose a step to accelerate the oxidation reaction, so contaminated in the oxygen cylinder or pressure relief valve grease will cause combustion, and even explosion, This is why oxygen cylinders, especially bottle nozzles and accessories in contact with oxygen, are strictly prohibited from contact with grease contamination.

Q: Why should the cylinder wear a bottle cap?

Oxygen manufacturer A: Because the cylinder valve is mostly made of copper alloy, more fragile, although some are not manufactured with steel, but because its structure is smaller than the bottle body, spinning on top of the bottle to form a right angle between the bottle routine mission that and the bottle valve joint, it is not only the fragile point of the bottle body, but also the prominent point of the bottle body, vulnerable to mechanical damage If, during handling, storage, and use, the gas bottle falls, falls, rolls, or is affected by other hard objects due to careless injury, it is easy to appear the bottleneck of the fracture of the bottle valve joint and the bottleneck connection or the consequence of the bottle crack.

When the oxygen cylinder valve is broken, 150 kg/square centimeter pressure gas in the bottle, resulting in the bottle of high-pressure gas loss of control, so that the high-pressure gas ejection, its reaction gas cylinder in the opposite direction, can make machinery and equipment, buildings damaged, and even cause casualties;

On the other hand: bottle Valve exposed to the outside, in the handling, storage process, it is easy to invade dust or grease substances, resulting in danger. Wear a helmet to prevent contamination of dust or grease substances. In order to eliminate the above risks, oxygen manufacturers are required to have helmets when cylinders are shipped. When using gas, turn the helmet down to a fixed location, use the bottle cap in time to tighten, do not throw indiscriminately. Don't forget to wear a helmet when handling and handling.