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Argon prices fluctuate little and have no big impact on the market
- 2019-03-28-

Supported by strong demand in Indonesia, argon exports increased by 68.78% in December over the previous month.Argon price, With the fall of argon prices in China, the average price of exports has also been reduced.

According to customs data, argon imports in December 2018 were 1.18 thousand cubic meters, an increase of 188% per cent in the previous month, a decrease of 21.77% percentage year. The cumulative import volume of 11.03 trillion cubic meters in 2018 decreased by 85.44% on a year earlier. Although argon price and total overall decline is larger, but the total amount compared to China's strong supply, the impact on the market is not significant.

On the export side, a total of 9895.78 thousand cubic metres were exported in December, an increase of 68.78% per cent over the previous month, a 9.77% year earlier, and a total of 78113.21 trillion cubic metres in 2018, up 9.55% from the same period last year.

From the production and marketing countries and regions, Indonesia is still more strong demand, this month's export volume of 6201.93 thousand cubic meters, accounting for 63%, the first, followed by China's Taiwan exports of 1790.79 thousand cubic meters, accounting for 18%, the second place; Vietnam exports 725.74 thousand cubic meters, accounting for 7%, up to third place. In addition, Thailand, in the Philippines, Singapore and other places have exports.

From the point of view of sending and receiving, this month's exports mainly from 14 provinces and cities. Among them, Shandong by the export support, export volume of 4024.02 thousand cubic meters, accounting for 41%, jumped to the top; Liaoning exports of 2353.88 thousand cubic meters, accounting for the second place in 24%; Shanghai exports 1798.41 thousand cubic meters, accounting for 18%, ranking third. In addition, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Hebei and other places have exports.

Entering the January, with the arrival of the Chinese Spring Festival, and China's declining demand, Zhuo Chuang is expected that the volume of argon exports may have declined, affected by this, argon prices have also declined.