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Carbon dioxide manufacturers ' production is greatly influenced by the market
- 2019-04-17-

At the end of 2015, Zhuo Chuang information in the "2015 Carbon dioxide market supply and demand two light price weak consolidation" article at the end of the 2016 carbon dioxide market forecast, the article said, "Although the growth rate of carbon dioxide device production slowed, but looking forward to 2016, China's carbon dioxide manufacturers carbon dioxide device production capacity is still millions of tons/year of growth space. China's carbon dioxide market oversupply situation is difficult to change, if the downstream industry demand is still depressed atmosphere, carbon dioxide plant start rate and market price low hovering situation will continue. "Time is fleeting, 2016 is halfway through, and our previous predictions are being confirmed a little bit.

Analysis of carbon dioxide price in the first half

As Zhuo Chuang forecast, the 2016 carbon dioxide market supply and demand glue did not show signs of improvement, although the local market price has been a flash in the pan, but most of the time, most of the carbon dioxide manufacturers are still flat performance, China's carbon dioxide plant start rate and market prices have not been out of the low hovering situation.

According to Zhuo Chuang Statistics, as of late June 2016, China's carbon dioxide market average price in 345 yuan/ton, down 1 yuan/ton, or 0.29% year. The average price of the carbon dioxide market in 2016 was much lower than in January the same period last year, more than in the same period last year. March, Hebei, Tianjin and other places a number of carbon dioxide manufacturers concentrated shutdown or reduction led to the North China region of carbon dioxide supply tension, under the influence of the main market prices in Hebei region at one point rose to 350-370 yuan/ton, Shandong region prices also rose to 260-360 yuan/ton.