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Analyze the trend of acetylene price from the change of raw materials
- 2019-02-26-

Recently, raw materials calcium carbide, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid has undergone some changes. From the changes in raw materials, analysis downstreamAcetylene price, Fluoride price market trend, subsequent impact geometry?

With the emergence of new technologies and achievements, the application range of special gases has become more and more extensive in recent years. Under the rapid development of national economy and the strong demand of downstream industry, China's special gas industry has entered a relatively fast stage of development. However, with the continuous release of production capacity, the recent changes in raw materials calcium carbide, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, but also affect the downstream acetylene price, fluoride price changes.

Calcium carbide prices have reached a high level of 6 years, acetylene prices have a local rise intention

It is understood that the price of calcium carbide into August began to rise, so far 1 months has risen 250-300 yuan/ton, the price of the factory exceeded 3100 yuan/ton, higher than last year's price cap. At present, the price of calcium carbide has reached the upper limit level in 6 years. 2018 to date, the average price of carbide factory in 2830 yuan/ton, 2448 yuan/ton increase of 15.6% in the same period last year. The main reason for the continuous rise in prices is the recovery in demand for calcium carbide and the lack of supply caused by the maintenance of large calcium carbide furnaces.

Zhuo Chuang Data monitoring, the current Shandong PU Pure acetylene Price factory 23 yuan/kg or so, Zhejiang 27-28 yuan/kg, Fujian 23-25 yuan/kg range. Due to the increase in the price of raw materials calcium carbide, some acetylene manufacturers are interested in raising prices, at the same time, since the third quarter, a lot of atmospheric anti-fouling control to carry out a strict investigation, but also led to the construction of acetylene manufacturers insufficient. Multi-factor support, acetylene market Local has the intention to rise. However, considering that the mid-Autumn Festival, National Day Double Festival approaching, the capacity of gradual weakening conduction demand is blocked, will have an impact on the acetylene price market. Therefore, Zhuo Chuang expected short-term acetylene price large plate stability, individual or temptation small rise.