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Acetylene manufacturers say dry acetylene produces background and application
- 2019-03-12-

      Acetylene manufacturerBackground and application of dry acetylene production

Dry acetylene process compared with the traditional "wet" acetylene preparation process, is the use of slightly more than the theoretical amount of water in the fog spray on calcium carbide powder to hydrolyze, resulting in carbide slag is a very low moisture content of dry powder, so called "dry" acetylene process. Since 2007, China has been using the "dry method" acetylene process, after years of research and improvement, "dry" acetylene process is becoming more and more mature. With the attention paid to production and environment in China, the strict control of pollutant emissions, acetylene manufacturers recycle the waste water produced in dry acetylene production, so that zero emissions of 0 pollution, for enterprises to bring benefits while saving water resources.

The main source of reactive water is industrial water, in the production of acetylene manufacturers reaction water is divided into three groups, each group is divided into two layers, each layer of two nozzles, of which one or two groups of reaction water with industrial water, the third group of reactive water for the recycling of supernatant water.

Relationship between reactive water and calcium carbide granularity in production of acetylene manufacturers

Calcium carbide grain through small, hydrolysis rate is too fast, so that the reaction generated by a large number of heat can not be removed in time, will lead to a rapid increase in the internal temperature of the generator, local overheating caused by acetylene decomposition and hot polymerization, and thus make the temperature too high, resulting in the risk of explosion.

Calcium carbide granules through the large, calcium carbide reaction is slow, stirring frequency in 50hz relatively do not become the case, will produce carbide slag package, can not be fully reflected in the bottom of the generator slag is easy to carry the non-hydrolyzed calcium carbide, resulting in the increase in calcium carbide consumption quota.

Controlling the granularity of calcium carbide is critical when the reaction water does not become a condition. According to the current generator structure and calcium carbide crushing power consumption and other factors, the general particle size control below 30mm.

Relationship between reactive water and feed quantity in production of acetylene manufacturers

In normal production, the amount of calcium carbide added is calculated according to the speed of double helix feeder, and then the amount of water added is calculated. Double Helix feeder After the start, open the occurrence of water one or two layers of a group to occur in the supply control valve, and then open one or two layers of the third group of water supply control valve, set the flow rate of 6:4 distribution; When the acetylene gas flow reaches 1500Nm3/h, it can open one or two layers and two groups of water supply control valve, at this time the set flow rate to 40%,30% , A proportional distribution of 30%. (According to the actual operation can be appropriate to adjust the proportion, clear the distribution of water flow in each road)