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Nitrogen manufacturers to introduce you to the use of nitrogen what?
- 2019-01-18-

Nitrogen has a relatively important role to play in a number of industries, and todayNitrogen ManufacturersZibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. to introduce to you what is the use of nitrogen?

1. Food anticorrosion

Nitrogen is an inert gas that is neutral in its contact with food and therefore uses more in the field of food preservation.

Nitrogen in the production of beer to reduce dissolved oxygen (do), slow down the deterioration of beer, so that the storage period of beer changes, at the same time do not destroy the aromatic substances inside the wine, greatly improve the quality of beer; in food packaging, because of the stable nature of nitrogen, nitrogen is generally used to repel oxygen, In order to slow down the oxidation and respiration of food, nitrogen on the growth of bacteria also played a role in inhibiting.

2. Reduce grain storage Pests

The survival of living things need the supply of oxygen, sealed storage of the Granary into nitrogen, so that the concentration of nitrogen reached 95%, to maintain more than 19 days, can make the storage pest due to the long-term oxygen content of the need to suffocate death.

3, high-purity nitrogen in denim pulp dyeing joint machine dyeing has a relatively wide range of uses. Nitrogen Protection Mother liquor is not oxidized by air, can make the mother liquor storage time is longer, the mother liquor component is more stable, conducive to saving costs, reduce consumption, reduce emissions; nitrogen isolates air in dyeing, reduces oxidation, saves the use and consumption of insurance powder during dyeing, and uses nitrogen to change the time of leaching fluid and increase the dyeing rate of fuel. Nitrogen can accelerate the dyeing rate of dyes, improve the efficiency of labor production, the use of nitrogen can improve the degree of washing water dungeon, increase the brightness of color, at the same time, the use of nitrogen reduced the use of dyes, reduce the discharge and treatment of waste dyeing liquid, conducive to the protection of the Environment and energy conservation.

4, nitrogen protection on the microstructure and properties of nano-composite coatings, large-scale coal-fired power plant boiler pipeline fly ash wear is one of the typical high temperature erosion wear phenomenon, in the pipeline surface arc spraying anti-erosion coating is one of the means to solve the boiler pipe wear.

5, petrochemical production, there are a considerable number of raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products with flammable and explosive, so in the engineering design to take measures to reduce fire and explosion. Material combustion requires three conditions: one is combustible, but oxidizer, and the other is the source of fire. The essence of nitrogen protection is to reduce the concentration of oxygen. In actual production, many equipment will produce sparks, if the operating temperature is higher than the flash point, prone to accidents. At this point the equipment should be protected by nitrogen.

The above is nitrogen manufacturer Zibo Huantai Gas Co., Ltd. for everyone to sum up the use of nitrogen, other nitrogen use precautions can also follow our website.